Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16 en Nicaragua
(Matthew 5:16 Ministries in Nicaragua)
Who We Are

My name is Lynne Schweitzer and my husband, Glenn, and I have been serving as Missionary Pastors in Nicaragua since 2001.  When we moved here we knew that the Lord was going to use us to teach the children of Nicaragua but we had no idea how He was going to do this.  It has been a journey of daily putting our faith in Him and as we have done so He has provided for us and He has directed our paths.

Matthew 5:16 Ministries (Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16 en Nicaragua) is a 501(c)3 under the covering of The Missionary Church International (TMCI), Columbia, SC.  

In Nicaragua,  Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16 en Nicaragua is a national NGO, the equivalent of a 501(c)3.


Protecting, providing for and preparing the youth of Nicaragua, liberating them from their economic, physical and spiritual poverty and preparing them for the Great Commission.  

Matthew 5:16 Ministries. 
Our campus, Quinta Esperanza, in Diriamba consists of:  Iglesia Nuevo Amanecer Church, Jesus' Little Seedlings Preschool, and Quinta Esperanza Retreat Center.  We have a Sports ministry, Discipleship, VBS, and a Feeding Program.  We provide Conferences, Seminars and Retreats.  We also host Short-Term Missions Teams that want to work with our ministry to the children and youth.  Periodically we offer Medical care to the needy.

Our campus, Casa Mateo Missions House, in Jinotepe 
is for the use of Short-term Ministry Teams, Missionaries, Pastors, Christian visitors.  It consists of 38 rooms with private baths, a dining area, conference rooms, gardens.  It is an excellent place to bring your team since it is dedicated to Christian of all denominations.
 The primary functions of Matthew 5:16 Ministry are:
  Churches Feeding Programs              Sunday Schools
 Preschool Bible School           Youth Center 
  Short-term Missions    VBS/Camps                         Home Groups   
  Medical Missions                    Scholarship program                Training
  Conferences Seminars Retreats 


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